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ClearOne Professional Conferencing

Get your ClearOne professional audio equipment with The Telecom Spot, and rest assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise. Winner of Frost & Sullivan's 2012 Global Tabletop Audio Conferencing Endpoints Product Line Strategy Award, ClearOne's quality personal conferencing products are popular with both large and small businesses alike. 

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  1. ClearOne - 910-155-051 - Volume Control Panel For Use With XAP and PSR Products
  2. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle E (Includes Interact AT 2-Interact Mic Interact Dialer (Wired) & Bose Ceiling Mount Speakers)
  3. ClearOne INTERACT COM-W (Adding USB Audio Headset Audio & Wireless INTERACT Dialer to System)
  4. ClearOne Interact AT Mixer (Conferencing System Supporting up to 3 Interact Mic or Interact Mic EX Devices in Any Combination)
  5. ClearOne Interact Dialer (Wired Version of Tabletop Controller)
  6. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle C
  7. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle D
  8. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle K
  9. ClearOne Interact AT - OC Group Conferencing Solution
  10. ClearOne Interact COM (Interface Device for Adding USB Audio & Headset Audio to System)
  11. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle J (Includes Interact AT 3-Interact Mic EX Interact Dialer (Wired))
  12. ClearOne INTERACT Dialer-W ** Requires An Interact COM-W Device in System**
  13. ClearOne Interact MIC (includes 1 Microphone Pod with 360 Degree Converge & Integrated Mute Button)
  14. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle B (Includes Interact AT  3-Interact Mic  Interact Dialer (Wired) & Bose Wall Mount Speakers)
  15. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle H - Full solution includes an Interact AT mixer  three units of Interact Mic  an Interact Dialer-W (wireless)  an Interact COM-W (wireless) and an Interact Ceiling Speaker Kit.
  16. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle A (Includes Interact AT 2-Interact Mic Interact Dialer (Wired) & Bose Wall Mount Speakers)
  17. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle F (Includes Interact AT  3-Interact Mic  Interact Dialer (Wired) & Bose Wall Mount Speakers)
  18. ClearOne Interact MIC EX (Microphone Breakout Box with 3-XLR Mic/Line Input Channels) Must Have 1 Breakout Box PER Microphone  1:1 Ratio
  19. ClearOne Interact AT Bundle I (Includes Interact AT  2-Interact Mic EX  Interact Dialer (Wired))
  20. ClearOne Converge 590 Conferencing System w/o Controller
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