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Jabra Conferencing

The Jabra Speak™ series were designed for users needing flexibility and reliability when it comes to voice communication.  Its compact design delivers unprecedented mobility at home, on the road or in the office.  Turn every room or space into a conference room with Jabra Speak™.

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  1. JABRA SPEAK™ 510 Bluetooth & USB Speakerphone - MS Lync Version
  2. JABRA SPEAK™ 510 Bluetooth & USB Speakerphone - UC
  3. Jabra SPEAK™ 510+ MS bundle with Link 360 - MS Lync Optimized
  4. Jabra SPEAK™ 510+ bundle with Link 360 - UC Standard Version
  5. Jabra SPEAK 410 Portable Speakerphone

    Jabra SPEAK 410 Portable Speakerphone


    The Jabra Speak 410 now supports new firmware 1.8.0 to enhance the overall performance and stability of the Jabra PC Speakerphone moving forward. Include extended support for Cisco USB desk phones for enhanced functionality, USB automatic sample rate adjustment added when connected to a Linux and Cisco USB desk phones, and echo canceller algorithm updated for greater stability

    Click here to download firmware version 1.8.0.

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  6. Speak 410 PC Speakerphone for Microsoft Lync.
  7. Jabra Speak Secure Mount
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