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Konftel Conferencing

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Get your Konftel Conference phones, accessories, and cable with The Telecom Spot and rest assured you're getting the best service, product, and expertise. Whatever the situation, there's a Konftel conference phone solution for you.  

# of ParticipantsUp to 6Up to 6Up to 6Up to 10Up to 10Up to 6Up to 10Up to 10Up to 10
# of Participants w/Expansion Mics  Up to 16 Up to 16 Up to 16Up to 16Up to 16Up to 16
# of Participants w/PA Connection       More than 16More than 16
Integration in DECT/GAP systems       
Mobile & DECT Handset   
Computer for VoIP  
Digital or IP System Phones      

Konftel Mobile Cable Selector

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  1. Konftel 300IP Conference Phone POE w/Power
  2. Konftel 50 Conference Phone
  3. Konftel 55 Conference Phone
  4. Konftel 55W Conference Phone
  5. Konftel 250 Conference Phone

    Konftel 250 Conference Phone


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  6. Konftel 300 Conference Phone

    Konftel 300 Conference Phone


    Note: This replaces Konftel SKU#840101059.  The only difference is the #910101059 has an international power plug for EU/UK/US. 

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  7. Konftel 300IP Conference Phone POE Version (w/o Power)
  8. Konftel 300Wx Wireless Conference Phone
  9. Konftel 300M 3G/GSM Conference Phone
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