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Phoenix Audio Conferencing

Get your Phoenix Audio conferencing phones, parts and accessories from The Telecom Spot, Phoenix Audio authorized reseller, and rest assured you're getting the best service, product, pricing and expertise.  We are carry the full line of Phoenix Audio products including Soho, Solo, Duet, Quattro and Octopus. 

  •    • Soho: PC conference card.  Insert into an open PCI slot converts your PC to a high-end VoIP and web conferencing device.  
  •    • Solo:  Powerful desktop USB microphone with boardroom conference quality.
  •    • Duet:  Lightweight and durable USB desktop speakerphone that's great for travel.
  •    • Quattro3:  HQ conference speakerphone.  Turn any room into a professional sounding conference room.
  •    • Octopus:  Audio Conferencing Mixer.  Mount microphones and speakers anywhere in the room and it'll automatically monitor and remix.


Founded in 2004, Phoenix Audio Technologies is an innovator of audio communication solutions for Voice Over IP (VOIP), Web Conferencing, Distance Learning and Videoconferencing applications. Phoenix develops Microphones, Speakerphones, Software, PCI products and other audio accessories that improve the performance of existing conferencing devices. Our products enable people to communicate freely and naturally with easy to use, plug-and-play devices.

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  1. Phoenix Audio Octopus Power Amplifier Card
  2. Phoenix Audio Octopus Analog Line Interface Card
  3. Phoenix Audio Octopus Digital Terminal Interface Card
  4. Phoenix Audio MT325 IP Phone Interface
  5. Phoenix Audio MT324 Powered Chain Interface
  6. Phoenix Audio MT323 Smartphone/VCA Interface
  7. PHOENIX AUDIO Duet VCA Speakerphone MT202-VCA
  8. PHOENIX AUDIO Duet Executive Speakerphone MT202-EXE
  9. Quattro 3 Ceiling Bracket MT334
  10. PHOENIX AUDIO Duet PCS Speakerphone MT202-PCO
  11. Phoenix Audio MT320 Powered Daisy Chain Kit
  12. Phoenix Audio MT305 Quattro3 USB+VoIP Conference Speakerphone
  13. Phoenix Audio MT304 Quattro3 USB Daisy Chain Conference Speakerphone
  14. Phoenix Audio MT303 Quattro3 USB+Smart Conference Speakerphone
  15. Phoenix Audio MT201 SOLO Conference Microphone


    $19.95 Click for price
  17. Phoenix Audio MT101 Soho Conference Card
  18. Phoenix Audio MT301 Quattro3 USB Conference Speakerphone
  19. Phoenix Audio MT302 Quattro3 USB+PSTN Conference Speakerphone
  20. PHOENIX AUDIO Telephone Handset Switch

    PHOENIX AUDIO Telephone Handset Switch

    $69.95 Click for price
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