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Set Descending Direction
  1. Jabra GN2000 - USB Mono UC
  2. Jabra GN2000 - USB Mono CIPC
  3. Jabra GN2000 - USB Duo UC
  4. Jabra GN2000 - USB Duo CIPC
  5. Jabra GN2000 - USB Duo MS OC
  6. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC (IP Only)
  7. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC (Traditional Telephony Only)
  8. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC IP OC
  9. Jabra GN2119 ST - SoundTube Mono 3-in-1 Wearing Style
  10. Jabra GN2120 - NC Mono
  11. Jabra GN2100/2124 Convertible - NC Mono
  12. Jabra GN2125 - NC Duo
  13. Jabra BIZ GN2410 - Omni, STD, Mono
  14. GN2000 Monaural USB OC Mono NC MOC OPT Wideband Inline Mute
Set Descending Direction