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Adapters and Cords

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  1. GN8000 HEADSET COIL CORD W/ GN Quick Disconnect
  2. Quick Disconnect Cord Coiled Mod. Plug
  3. Quick Disconnect to RJ-9 Coiled Cord
  4. Quick Disconnect to RJ-9 Straight Cord
  5. Jabra Link Micro USB Cable
  6. Headset Hook for Jabra Corded Headsets
  7. Quick Disconnect to RJ-9 Direct Connect Coiled Cord 47 Ohm for Nortel New Orion Phones
  8. JABRA QD cord, straight, RJ-9 plug
  9. Jabra 2.5mm to Quick Disconnect Cable - short
  10. Jabra - 8764-00 - CONNECTING FLAT CORD 12" MPA STANDARD
  11. Jabra Flat Cord w/Mod Plug
  12.  Jabra 2.5MM to RJ-9 Audio Cord for Business Phones
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