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Jabra BIZ 2400 Series

The ultimate corded user experience

Good customer service is all about listening. In a world of conference calls and long-distance meetings, this can be challenging. Your calls need to be crystal clear. You need to hear every word your customer says so that you can provide the best service possible. Jabra Biz™2400 Series connects you with your customers.

  • -Be heard – with Jabra Biz 2400’s clear voice transmission
  • -Drown out the noise – with the headset’s advanced noise-canceling technology
  • -Talk in comfort – with super soft ear cushions and your choice of headset
  • -Work how you want – Jabra Biz 2400 Series has over 20 models to suit all office environments


Check Jabra Compatibility Guide here for compatible headets and adapters needed. (Pop-up Window)

Set Descending Direction
  1. Jabra BIZ GN2420 - NC Mono
  2. Jabra BIZ GN2400 - USB Mono 3-in-1
  3. Jabra BIZ GN2400 - MS USB Mono
  4. Jabra BIZ GN2400 - NC Duo IP
  5. Jabra BIZ GN2400 - Mono 3-in-1
  6. Jabra BIZ GN2400 - NC MSOC USB Duo
  7. Jabra BIZ GN2475 - UNC, LS, Duo
  8. Jabra BIZ GN2415 - Duo/Omni/STD
  9. Jabra BIZ GN2400 - NC Mono 3-in-1
  10. Jabra BIZ GN2410 - Omni, STD, Mono
  11. Jabra BIZ GN2470 - UNC, LS, Mono
  12. Jabra BIZ GN2425 - NC, STD, Duo
  13. Jabra Link 850 Audio Processor
Set Descending Direction
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