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Jabra GN2000 Series

Jabra GN2000 Series are the perfect headset for blended office environments.

Whether your office uses VoIP, mobile telephony or a combination of the two, the Jabra GN2000 Series enables your employees to enjoy the freedom of hands-free phone calls. Comfortable headsets mean happy employees.  Create a more professional office environment.  Use headsets that work with your existing systems,seamlessly – thus increasing user adoption and satisfaction.

Check Jabra Compatibility Guide here for compatible headets and adapters needed. (Pop-up Window)

Set Descending Direction
  1. Jabra GN2000 - USB Mono UC
  2. Jabra GN2000 - USB Mono CIPC
  3. Jabra GN2000 - USB Duo UC
  4. Jabra GN2000 - USB Duo CIPC
  5. Jabra GN2000 - USB Duo MS OC
  6. Jabra GN2000 Mono Soundtube Narrowband Headset
  7. Jabra GN2000 Duo Soundtube Narrowband Headset
  8. Jabra GN2020 - Mono NC (IP only)
  9. Jabra GN2020 - Mono NC (Traditional Telephony Only)
  10. Jabra GN2020 - Mono NC IP OC
  11. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC (IP Only)
  12. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC (Traditional Telephony Only)
  13. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC IP OC
Set Descending Direction
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