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Get your Plantronics headsets, accessories and more from The Telecom Spot for the best selection and prices. From office corded headsets, office wireless headsets, computer and UC headsets, mobile devices, accessories and more we've got them all!

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  1. Plantronics .Audio 648 DSP Headset - Skype Certified
  2. Plantronics .Audio 628 DSP Headset - Skype Certified
  3. Plantronics Replacement Battery for the Savi 740/440 Headset
  4. Plantronics USB Deluxe Charging Kit (USB Charger + Battery)
  5. Plantronics Spare,base Deluxe Charging Kit For Wh500/w440/w740 Headsets
  6. Plantronics Spare, Kit,circumaural Cushion Supraplus
  7. Plantronics Savi Accessories: Savi Oli, On Line Indicator
  8. Plantronics Replacment Hdst For S10, T10 & T20
  10. Plantronics Cable, 10' Extended Coil W/3.5 Eta:6-8wks/non-return/cancel
  11. Plantronics Y-training Cord W/ Mute & Qd
  12. Plantronics Spare,m15d 10' Coiled Cord
  13. Plantronics 10' Coiled Cable, Qd To (2) 3. 5mm Stereo Jack Plugs
  14. Plantronics Y Adapter  Trainer
  15. Plantronics Cable Assy, 6 Cond. Coil, Sqd
  16. Plantronics U10 coil cord QD to modular plug
  17. Plantronics Adapter Cable, A10-16-s1/u.s. Boxed
  18. Plantronics Hic-1 Ce2001, Adapter Cable Sq 48
  19. Plantronics U10P Coil Cord to QD Modular Plug
  20. Plantronics Cable, Coil 10ft, Qd To 2.5mm
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