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Parts and Accessories

Get your Plantronics headset accessories from The Telecom Spot! From EHS cords/lifters, clips, ear tips/cushions, headband/neckbands, voicetubes, cables/cords, power adapters, batteries, amplifiers and more we've got them all.

Plantronics compatibility guide (Pop-Up Window)

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  1. Plantronics 6-wire push-to-talk amp w/ H31C/D headset
  2. Plantronics PC ASSEMBLY AMP
  3. Plantronics Amplifier Base
  4. Plantronics SHS1926-15 Amplifier push to talk  15ft. coil cord
  5. Plantronics 6-wire in-line amplifier w/ 10 ft. coil & 2-prong connect.
  7. Plantronics Amplifier
  8. Plantronics SHS1963-01
  9. Plantronics M12LUCM Amp  AVAYA
  10. Plantronics DA60 USB to Headset Adapter w/ in line volume & mute control
  11. Plantronics 12-pk  M22 Vista Universal Amp w/Wideband Support
  12. Plantronics TRAINING BASE /M12
  13. Plantronics Sqd Rna Enabled Aptr Compat Eo L - Nov 30, 2012
  14. Plantronics Vista AP15
  15. Plantronics P10 Amplifier
  16. Plantronics M22 Amplifier Base (Supports Wideband Phone Sys)
  17. Plantronics SHS 2311-01  PTT AMPLIFIER  DUAL CHANNEL (part number 92311-01)
  18. Plantronics PTT AMP  DUAL CHANNEL  HI GAIN  W/PJ7  ***NC/NR***
  19. Plantronics PTT AMP  DUAL CHANNEL  HI GAIN  W/PJ7  ***NC/NR***
  20. Plantronics PTT AMP  DUAL CHANNEL  HI GAIN  W/PJ7  ***NC/NR***
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