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Parts and Accessories

Get your Plantronics headset accessories from The Telecom Spot! From EHS cords/lifters, clips, ear tips/cushions, headband/neckbands, voicetubes, cables/cords, power adapters, batteries, amplifiers and more we've got them all.

Plantronics compatibility guide (Pop-Up Window)

Set Descending Direction
  1. Plantronics SHS1758-01
  2. Plantronics Voyager Pro Carry Case   (no Belt clip included)
  3. Plantronics CS50 Replacement Headset
  4. Plantronics Headset Cleaning Wipes
  5. Plantronics CAT132 CAPSULE CRADLE KIT
  6. Plantronics MX100/103  Accent Cover  Blue
  7. Plantronics Push to Talk Switch SSP1051-04
  8. Plantronics CALISTO P825-M multi-device speakerphone
  9. Plantronics PA50  Wireless Mic  Calisto 820/830 Accessory
  10. Plantronics Travel Case  Blackwire
  11. Plantronics Pivot Ball Ring  Duoset
  12. Plantronics MX100/103  Accent Cover  Silver
  13. Plantronics Modlocks  Pkg 25
  14. Plantronics CA12CD Remote
  15. Plantronics STORAGE CASE  DISCOVERY 640
  16. Plantronics SPO4 BOTTOM ONLY
  17. Plantronics T50/S50 Footpads  Qty 4
  18. Plantronics SDS 1008-11  SDS MONAURAL W/XLR OPTIONS
  19. Plantronics IN-LINE MUTE SWITCH
  20. Plantronics HEADSET STAND  S10
Set Descending Direction