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Parts and Accessories

Get your Plantronics headset accessories from The Telecom Spot! From EHS cords/lifters, clips, ear tips/cushions, headband/neckbands, voicetubes, cables/cords, power adapters, batteries, amplifiers and more we've got them all.

Plantronics compatibility guide (Pop-Up Window)

Set Descending Direction
  1. Plantronics Ear Cushion, Pkg 4, M40,mx150
  2. Plantronics (2) Ear Cushions/supra,encore Headset
  3. Plantronics SHR2376-01 earpad
  4. Plantronics Spare, Kit,circumaural Cushion Supraplus
  5. Plantronics Ear Cushion,sr1,for Audio 320/ 310, Dsp 100, Gamecom
  6. Plantronics Ear Cushion, Duopro
  7. Plantronics Ear Cushion  T100  A100 qty 25
  8. Plantronics Savi Accessories: Savi Wh100 1 Tab Eartip, 2 Ear Cushion
  9. Plantronics Cushion/Windsock  SR1
  10. Plantronics Spare,ear Cushion,ruggedized E Ta:6-8wks/non-return/cancel
  11. Plantronics Mirage (h41n) Accssry Value Pk
  12. Plantronics Ear Cushion, Leatherette, Duos Et, M17x, S10, T10, T20
  13. Plantronics Cushion/ring Set
  14. Plantronics Ear Cushion For Gamecom1/pro1 -contains 2 Ear Cushions-
  15. Plantronics Ear Cushions,leatherette (2) F Or W745,w740,w440,wh500
  16. Plantronics Duoset Ear Cushion
  17. Plantronics Ear Cushion, Foam, Encorepro
  18. Plantronics Ear Cushion Kit, Doughnut, Blk For Supraplus -contains 2 Cush
  19. Plantronics (2) Ear Cushions For Pulsar
  20. Plantronics Ear Cushion,leatherette Blackw Ire C210/c220
Set Descending Direction