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Since 1989, VXi Corporation's best-in-class headset solutions have been helping customers communicate clearly, consistently and naturally. Designed for all-day comfort in the workplace, VXi headsets meet the highest global standards for reliability, durability and overall product quality. As a result, VXi is known around the world for delivering value, excellence and innovation to contact centers, offices and mobile professionals.

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  1. VXI Corporation Everon-V Amplifier

    VXI Corporation Everon-V Amplifier

    $76.80 Click for price
  2. VXI Corporation Everon-P Amplifier

    VXI Corporation Everon-P Amplifier

    $76.80 Click for price
  3. VXI Corporation BlueParrott B250-XT+

    VXI Corporation BlueParrott B250-XT+

    $99.00 Click for price
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