VXi UC ProSet LUX - finally, a true UC telepresence from VXi!  The UC ProSet LUX starts with the “in-a-class-by-itself” benefits of VXI's UC ProSet, then adds stereo Hi-Fi sound (with DSP) and the plug-and-play convenience of a USB interface. The first headset with a built-in LED presence indicator designed around UC standards, the UC ProSet LUX is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for hour after hour. Put it all together, and you get the best Unified Communications headset value money can buy—at a price that will surprise you.

  •      -USB Interface for plug-and-play simplicity
  •      -Cross-application productivity - Users can move seamlessly across their entire UC platform
  •      -Improved Concentration - Stereo speakers plus, maximum comfort, help users stay focused
  •      -Better all-around value - A single solution for any sound source

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