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VXi Direct Connect Cords

VXi's Direct Connect cords connect your headset directly to most headset-ready phone or to a VXi DialPad.

Compatibility:  Visit VXi's compatibility guide to find the right adapter cord for your phone and headset

  •      -V Series:  Compatible with VXi V-series headsets
  •      -P Series:  Compatible with Plantronics and VXi P-series headsets
  •      -G Series:  Compatible with Jabra (GN Netcom) and VXi G-series headsets

Set Ascending Direction
  1. Vxi Corporation Hgt Adapter Landline Accessory
  2. VXI Corporation QD 1096V Lower Cord with 2.5mm plug
  3. VXI Corporation QD 1095G 2.5mm plug to QD- 90 degree
  4. VXI Corporation QD 1095V to 2.5MM
  5. VXI Corporation QD1085V Lower cord with 3.5mm plug
  6. VXI Corporation QD 1029G Lower Cord
  7. VXI Corporation VXi QD1029P
  8. VXI Corporation QD 1029V
  9. VXI Corporation QD 1027V Lower Cord for VXi headsets
  10. VXI Corporation Coil Cord- QD1026V
  11. VXI Corporation QD 1026P
  12. VXI Corporation QD1026G
  13. VXI Corporation OmniCord-P Universal Lower Cord
  14. VXI Corporation OmniCord-G Universal Lower Cord
  15. VXI Corporation OmniCord-V Universal Lower Cord
Set Ascending Direction
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