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At The Telecom Spot, we have a broad selection of Microsoft Lync optimized telephony products from headsets to business phones.  Browse the categories below, and feel free to contact us if we may help you select the right product for your needs. 

What is MS Lync?
Microsoft® Lync® is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. With Lync, users can keep track of their contacts’ availability; send an IM; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call—all through a consistent, familiar interface.  Lync is built to fully integrate with Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Lync 2010 desktop client is available for Windows and for Mac and mobile versions are available for Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices.

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MS Lync Optimized Phones

Aastra PhonesClearOne PhonesPolycom Phonessnom Phones
Aastra Lync Compatible PhonesClearOne Lync Compatible PhonesPolycom Lync Optimized Phonessnom Lync Optimized & Certified Phones


MS Lync Optimized Conferencing

Lync Conferencing
Lync Conferencing


MS Lync Optimized Gateways

AudioCodes Mediant 800AudioCodes Mediant 1000  
AudioCodes Mediant 800 GatewaysAudioCodes Mediant 1000 Gateways  
Patton SmartNode 4110 Patton SmartNode 4520Patton SmartNode 4300Patton SmartNode 4400
Patton SmartNode 4110Patton SmartNode 4520Patton SmartNode 4300Patton SmartNode 4400
Patton SmartNode 4970Patton SmartNode 4980  
Patton SmartNode 4970Patton SmartNode 4980  


MS Lync Optimized Headsets

Jabra HeadsetsPlantronics Headsets
 Jabra Lync Optimized Headsets Plantronics Lync Optimized Headsets

Set Descending Direction
  1. Jabra Link 850 Audio Processor
  2. Jabra UC Voice 750 Headset - Duo Dark
  3. Jabra GN2110 - SoundTube Mono
  4. Jabra GN2020 - Mono NC (IP only)
  5. Jabra BIZ GN1900 Headset - USB Duo
  6. Jabra BIZ GN2410 - Omni, STD, Mono
  7. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC (Traditional Telephony Only)
  8. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC IP OC
  9. Jabra GN2120 - NC Mono
  10. Jabra GN2025 - Duo NC (IP Only)
  11. Jabra UC Voice 750 Headset - Duo Light
  12. Jabra MS UC Voice 750 Headset - Dark Duo
  13. Jabra UC Voice 750 Headset - Mono Dark
  14. Jabra UC Voice 750 Headset - Mono Light
  15. Jabra UC Voice 750 MS Headset - Mono Dark
  16. Jabra GN2000 Mono Soundtube Narrowband Headset
  17. GN2000 Monaural USB OC Mono NC MOC OPT Wideband Inline Mute
  18. Speak 410 PC Speakerphone for Microsoft Lync.
  19. Jabra SPEAK 410 Portable Speakerphone

    Jabra SPEAK 410 Portable Speakerphone


    The Jabra Speak 410 now supports new firmware 1.8.0 to enhance the overall performance and stability of the Jabra PC Speakerphone moving forward. Include extended support for Cisco USB desk phones for enhanced functionality, USB automatic sample rate adjustment added when connected to a Linux and Cisco USB desk phones, and echo canceller algorithm updated for greater stability

    Click here to download firmware version 1.8.0.

    Learn More
  20. Jabra GN2020 - Mono NC (Traditional Telephony Only)
Set Descending Direction