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Viking Electronics

Shop Viking Electronics paging, loud ringer, amplifier and speaker products with The Telecom Spot for the best selection and pricing. 

Viking Electronics designs and manufactures over 250 telecommunications and security related products for small businesses. The majority of their products are “problem solvers,” designed to fix or add unique features to other manufacturers’ telephone or security systems. Viking Electronics also manufacture several stand-alone telephone and security products that set themselves apart from the competition by their simple design, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.

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  1. Viking Electronics Digital Notification Announcer
  2. Viking Electronics Speaker Phone  Line Powered 2 Way Handsfree/Weather Resist
  3. Viking Electronics SA-25 Self Amplified Paging System Contro Unit with IR Remote
  4. Viking Electronics CTG-1 Clock Tone Generator
  5. Viking Electronics PA-60 60 Watt Power Amp
  6. Viking Electronics PA-30 30 Watt Telecom Paging Amp
  7. Viking Electronics Double Gang Entry Phone w/ LED  Stainless Steel
  8. Viking Electronics FBI-1A New Digital Anti-Feedback Paging Interface
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