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  1. Cisco C1921 Modular Router, 2 Ge, 2 Ehwic Slots, 512dram, Ip Bas
  2. Cisco Cisco1921/k9 With 2ge, Sec Lic Ense Pak, 512mb Dram, 256mb Fl
  3. Cisco Cisco 3925 W/spe100(3ge,4ehwic 4dsp,2sm,256mbcf,1gbdram,ipb)
  4. Cisco Cisco 2921 W/3 Ge,4 Ehwic,3dsp 1 Sm,256mb Cf,512mb Dram,ipb
  5. Cisco Cisco 2911 W/3 Ge,4 Ehwic 2 Ds P,1 Sm,256mb Cf,512mb Dram
  6. Cisco Cisco 2901 Security Bundle W/s Ec License Pak
  7. Cisco Cisco 1941 Router W/ 802.11 A/ B/g/n Fcc Compliant Wlan Ism
  8. Cisco Cisco 1941 Security Bundle W/ Sec License Pak
  9. Cisco 1-port T1/fractional T1 Dsu/ C Su Wan Interface Card
  10. Cisco 4port Clear Channel T1/e1 Hwic
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