Revolabs FLX 2 VoIP SIP System with One Omni & One Wearable Microphone

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About Us

The Revolabs FLX from Revolabs, a leading provider of wireless unified communication products for the enterprise, is designed specifically for mid- to small-sized conference rooms, executive offices and SoHo environments. The Revolabs FLX is based on Revolabs revolutionary wireless audio technology that for years has delivered superior sound quality for audio and video conferencing to large conference and board rooms. Small office conference calls, executive office communication, and home office communication can now also benefit from that superior wireless audio performance.

  • Audio
    • Bandwidth : 80 -11,000 Hz
    • Channels : 2 microphone channels per system
    • Radio Frequency : North America: 1.92 to 1.93 GHz (UPCS North America), International: 1.88 to 1.90 GHz (DECT EU)
    • Noise Cancelation : Active on the microphone
    • Echo Cancelation : Acoustic echo canceller for speaker/microphone
    • RF Shield : No cell phone interference due to RF Armor technology
  • Speaker and Microphones
    • Battery life (talk time) : Up to 8 hours
    • Charge time : 2 hours
  • Base Station
    • Telephone : RJ11 (POTS version), RJ45 (VOIP Version)
    • Analog IN OUT AUX OUT : Line level input, 2 outputs, line level or mic level
  • Dialer
    • Display : High resolution color LCD display
    • Caller ID : Support for multiple Caller ID standards, ETSI, DTMF, British Telecom, Bellcore Type 1
    • Phonebook : Up to 99 entries
    • Keypad : 12 key telephone keypad, 2 context sensitive soft keysanswer/hang-up keys, 5 key cursor and control panel 
  • Power
    • Base Station : 5VDC, 5W
    • Charger Tray : 5VDC, 15W
    • Battery Life : Up to 8 hours
    • Charge Time : 2 hours
Microphone options
  • The two omni microphone version is ideal for a medium sized conference room where it is important to capture every word of every participant in the call. The two omni version also works perfectly in an environment where two distinct areas of the room need to be covered, as for example an executive office.
  • The one wearable and one omni version of the FLX is the solution for a conference room in which often presentations are given. The wearable ensures that the presenter is heard on the far side, while the omni covers the audience in the room.
  • The two directional microphone version is ideal for a conference room where participants in a video or audio call will mostly be on in a limited area.
  • The two wearable microphone version is ideal for presentation settings where it is important that presenters are heard, but no coverage is required for the audience in the room.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Model 10-FLX2-101-VOIP
Manufacturer Revolabs
Condition New
Type Conference, Cordless
Expandable No
Input Types VoIP (RJ45), PC (via USB), Bluetooth
Speakerphone Full-Duplex
Display Yes
Power Adapter Included No
Downloads Revolabs FLX VoIP Datasheet
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