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The Telecom Spot offers VoIP and Repair services as a value-added addition for our customers.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Cisco 7900 Series Telephone Repair
  2. Polycom SoundStation Premier/Premier EX Conference Phone Repair
  3. Polycom SoundStation 100/200/300 Conference Phone Repair
  4. Polycom VoiceStation 100/300 Conference Phone Repair
  5. Merlin Magix Expansion Modules Repair
  6. Merlin Magix Processor Repair
  7. IP Office IP500 CO/T1 Trunk Interface Repair
  8. IP Office IP500 Base Card Repair
  9. IP Office IP400 VCM Card Repair
  10. IP Office IP400 CO/T1 Trunk Card Repair
  11. Merlin Legend Expansion Modules Repair
  12. Nortel MICS Fiber Expansion Module Repair
  13. Nortel MICS/CICS Cartridge Repair
  14. Nortel MICS KSU Repair
  15. Nortel CICS KSU Repair
  16. Definity Station Card Repair
  17. Definity Trunk Card Repair
  18. Merlin Legend Processor Repair
  19. Avaya 5600 Series Telephone Repair
  20. Avaya 5400 Series Telephone Repair
Set Descending Direction