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SIP VoIP Components

Get SIP VoIP components including gateways, ATAs, PBX telephony cards, telephones, accessories and more from The Telecom Spot and be assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise.

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  1. Yeastar NeoGate TG200 VoIP GSM Gateway
  2. Yeastar NeoGate TG100 VoIP GSM Gateway
  3. Rhino MOD-4FXS 4 Channel FXS card
  4. Rhino MOD-4FXO 4 Channel FXO card
  5. Rhino CB24-MOD Channel Bank
  6. Rhino CB24-FXO-UNIV Channel Bank
  7. Rhino CB24-FXS-UNIV Channel Bank
  8. Digium 6' 50-pin Male-to-Female cable for 24-port analog cards
  9. Digium 24 Port RJ-11 Breakout Box for 24 Port Analog Cards
  10. Digium 24 Port RJ-11 19 Inch Rack Mount Patch Panel for 24 Port Analog Cards
  11. Digium Interlocking Timing Cable for 4-Span Digital Cards
  12. Digium S101iPSUNA S101i (IAXy) Power Supply
  13. Digium S101iPSUEU
  14. Digium S101iPSUUK
  15. Digium Low Profile Bracket For Four (4) Span A4 Series Cards
  16. Digium Low Profile Bracket For Two (2) Span Te235 Card
  17. Digium Low Profile Bracket For Four (4) Span Te435 Card
  18. Digium Low Profile Bracket For One (1) Span Te135 Card
  19. Digium Low Profile Bracket for TC400 and TCE400 VoIP Transcoding Cards
  20. Edgewater Networks, Inc. 200AE1 EdgeMarc VoIP License Upgrade - 5 WAN Calls
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