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SIP VoIP Components

Get SIP VoIP components including gateways, ATAs, PBX telephony cards, telephones, accessories and more from The Telecom Spot and be assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise.

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  1. AudioCodes MediaPack MP201 - 1FXS, 1WAN, 1LAN
  2. AudioCodes MediaPack MP202 - 2FXS, 1WAN, 1LAN
  3. AudioCodes MediaPack MP204 - 4FXS, 1WAN, 1LAN
  4. Epygi Quadro M Single E1/T1 Gateway, Rack Mountable
  5. Epygi QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Gateway, Rack Mountable, 30 g.729 Channels
  6. Epygi QuadroM Dual E1/T1 Gateway, Rack Mountable, 60 g.729 Channels
  7. Epygi Quadro ISDN VoIP Gateway
  8. Epygi Quadro FXS 26-Port Analog Gateway
  9. Epygi Quadro FXO4 4-Port Analog Gateway
  10. AudioCodes Mediant 600 VoIP Gateway, 4 BRI, 4 FXO, SIP Package
  11. Grandstream GXW4004 - 4 Port FXS Gateway
  12. Grandstream GXW4008 - 8 Port FXS Gateway
  13. Grandstream GXW4024 - 24 Port FXS Gateway
  14. Grandstream GXW4216 - 16 Port FXS Gateway
  15. Grandstream GXW4224 - 24 Port FXS Gateway
  16. Grandstream GXW4232 - 32 Port FXS Gateway
  17. Grandstream GXW4248 - 48 Port FXS Gateway
  18. Grandstream GXP2200 Enterprise IP Multimedia Telephone
  19. Grandstream GXP1160 1-Line Small Business IP Phone (no PoE)
  20. Grandstream GXP1165 1-Line Small Business IP Phone (PoE)
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