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Audiocodes Gateways

Get AudioCodes gateways including MediaPack, Mediant 600, Mediant 800, Mediant 1000 and more from The Telecom Spot and rest assured you're receiving the best service, product and expertise.  AudioCodes has modular, analog, BRI and digital gateway options.

AudioCodes media gateways support a broad range of digital and analog telephony interfaces (E1/T1, BRI, FXO/FXS) with flexible density options to suit any deployment.  It's the essential interface between VoIP networks and legacy telephony devices, TDM phone systems and PSTN.  AudioCodes' underlying voice processing technology ensures exceptional levels of voice quality.

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  1. AudioCodes MediaPack MP124D - 24FXS AC
  2. AudioCodes MediaPack MP118 - 8FXS
  3. AudioCodes MediaPack MP118 - 8FXO
  4. Audiocodes MediaPack MP118 - 4 FXS, 4 FXO
  5. AudioCodes MediaPack MP114 - 4FXS
  6. AudioCodes MediaPack MP114 - 4FXO
  7. AudioCodes MediaPack MP114 - 2FXS, 2FXO
  8. AudioCodes MediaPack MP112 - 2FXS
  9. AudioCodes Mediant 600 VoIP Gateway, 4 BRI, 4 FXO, SIP Package
  10. Audiocodes M800sba-remt-impl 1-2 Week Lea D Time To Schedule
  11. Audiocodes Sip Registar For 20 Users Use With Esbc Only
  12. Audiocodes Mediant 800 Rackmount Kit 10 S Ets Of Brackets
  13. Audiocodes M1kb Survivable Branch Applian Ce
  14. Audiocodes M1k Spare - Cpu -m1k Digital S Ee Notes
  15. Audiocodes M1kb + M1k-vm-1span + M1kb-osn 3-sba
  16. Audiocodes M1ksba-onst-impl 1-2 Week Lead Time To Schedule
  17. Audiocodes M1k-msbg-sba-remt-impl 1-2 Wee K Lead Time
  18. Audiocodes M1k-msbg-sba-onst-impl 1-2 Wee K Lead Time
  19. Audiocodes M1ksba-remt-impl 1-2 Week Lead Time To Schedule
  20. Audiocodes M1kb + M1k-vm-2span + M1kb-osn 3-sba
Set Descending Direction