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AudioCodes Mediant 1000 Gateways

Get your AudioCodes Mediant 1000 gateways from The Telecom Spot and rest assured you're receiving the best service, product and expertise.  The Mediant 1000 is AudioCodes’ cost-effective, converged wireline VoIP media gateway. Intelligently packaged in a stackable 1U chassis, it is designed to interface between TDM & IP networks in enterprises or small-scale carrier locations. Incorporating AudioCodes’ innovative Voice over Packet technology, the Mediant 1000 enables rapid time-to-market and reliable cost-effective deployment of next-generation networks.

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  1. Audiocodes M1kb Spare Part - Osn V3 Serve R Module
  2. Audiocodes M1k Digital Voice Mod Dual Sp
  3. Audiocodes M1k Fxo Quadport Voice Module Loop Start Signaling Outdoor
  4. Audiocodes M1k Fxo Quad Port Voice Module Loop Start/ground Start Indoor
  5. Audiocodes M1kb + M1kb-swx + Sw/m1k/esbc/ 25
  6. Audiocodes M1kb + M1kb-swx + Sw/m1k/esbc/ 60
  7. Audiocodes M1kb + M1kb-swx + Sw/m1k/esbc/ 50
  8. Audiocodes M1k Media Processing Module
  9. Audiocodes M1k Digital Voice Module Quad Span
  10. Audiocodes M1k Quad Port Fxs Voice Module
  11. Audiocodes M1k Spare - Cpu -m1k Digital S Ee Notes
  12. Audiocodes M1kb + M1k-vm-1span + M1kb-osn 3-sba
  13. Audiocodes M1ksba-onst-impl 1-2 Week Lead Time To Schedule
  14. Audiocodes M1k-msbg-sba-remt-impl 1-2 Wee K Lead Time
  15. Audiocodes M1k-msbg-sba-onst-impl 1-2 Wee K Lead Time
  16. Audiocodes M1ksba-remt-impl 1-2 Week Lead Time To Schedule
  17. Audiocodes M1kb + M1k-vm-2span + M1kb-osn 3-sba
  18. Audiocodes M1k Upgrd Kit Hybrid To Lync C Onvert Hybrid To Lync 2010sba
  19. Audiocodes M1k Spare - Rs 232 Cable (10) See Notes
  20. Audiocodes Ac Power Supply For Mediant1k
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