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Rhino Gateways

Rhino CB24 CAS/RBS Channel Banks

Rhino offers a complete line of low cost T1 CAS/RBS channel banks including:

  • 24 port FXS
  • 24 port FXO
  • Mixed-mode modular FXS/FXO, 4-port modules, six modules maximum in any configuration

Rhino offers unique features like real-time T1 status on their four line by 40 character (4x40) LCD display, or their automatic, hands-off “Auto T1”configuration that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms, and 100% channelized settings for both T1 and analog.  Add to that Rhino crystal clear audio quality and you have a product line in a class of its own.


Using Asterisk? Don't forget to pick up a Rhino T1 card to enhance the connectivity of your Rhino CB24!

Every CB24 system comes with Rhino's standard fractional V.35 data port for use with fractional CAS or RBS T1 interfaces. In addition add their standard 110-220V and -48VDC with automatic failover universal internal power supply system to the list of standard features and Rhino crushes the competition.

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Set Descending Direction
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