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Sangoma Vega100G E1/T1 Digital Gateway

Get your Sangoma Vega 100 E1/T1 Digital Gateways from The Telecom Spot and rest assured you're receiving the best service, product and expertise.  The Vega 100 VoIP gateways connects digital telephony equipment to IP networks, and each E1/T1 interface can be independently configured as network side or terminal side. 

  •       • Up to 30 VoIP channels
  •       • Built in E1/T1 resilience
  •       • Voice, FAX and Modem support
  •       • Flexible call routing for fallback and least-cost-routing
  •       • Emergency PSTN back-up
  •       • Interoperability with a wide range of legacy and IP devices
  •       • Local survivability

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