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SIP VoIP - PBX Cards

Get SIP VoIP PBX cards (telephony cards) from The Telecom Spot's broad lines of manufacturers available and be assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise. Top branded PBX cards including ones from Digium, Sangoma, Rhino and more!

Set Ascending Direction
  1. Sangoma CABL-628 For the S5142 (discontinued).
  2. Sangoma CABL-629 A200 Analog Cable
  3. Sangoma CABL-630 T1/E1 Split Cable for the A108
  4. Sangoma CABL-631 For a A400 Analog Cards
  5. Sangoma CABL-632 Dual DB25 to Amphenol cable for the A400
  6. Sangoma CABL-633 Fax Synch Cable
  7. Sangoma CABL-633A Dual Synch Cable
  8. Sangoma CABL-634 For the A500 BRI
  9. Sangoma CABL-635 Power Adapter for FXS
  10. Sangoma CABL-636 Standard cable for A142R
  11. Sangoma CABL-637 Standard cable for A142V
  12. Sangoma CABL-638 Standard cable for A144R
  13. Sangoma CABL-639 Standard cable for A144V
  14. Sangoma CABL-640 SATA-Molex Power Adapter
  15. Sangoma CABL-641 For the USBfxo
  16. Sangoma CABL-642 For the USBfxo
  17. Sangoma CABL-643 FXO Cable for the B600
  18. Sangoma CABL-644 FXS Cable for the B600
  19. Sangoma CABL-646 T3 coax cables (Tx and Rx pair)
  20. Sangoma T3Mux M13 Multiplexer
Set Ascending Direction