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For over a decade, the TDM interface boards that Sangoma has engineered for Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH® have been the standard by which others have been measured. Sangoma has shipped over 100,000 units to tens of thousands of customers in over 150 countries that continue to meet our customers’ needs around the globe.  Sangoma boards have interface with the widest range of networks (analog, BRI, PRI, E1, T1, J1 and GSM) at the highest density in the industry. Our digital boards can deliver sixteen digital spans in a single expansion slot.

In addition to being used in Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®  solutions, Sangoma telephony boards have also been integrated into some of the most successful proprietary IP-PBXs and other Enterprise Communications Solutions.  Many of Sangoma's boards feature a lifetime guarantee, giving you the peace of mind needed when deploying mission-critical applications.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Sangoma A40400 8 FXS PCI Analog Card
  2. Sangoma A40300 6 FXS PCI Analog Card
  3. Sangoma A40200 4 FXS PCI Analog Card
  4. Sangoma A40100 2 FXS PCI Analog Card
  5. Sangoma A40001 2 FXO PCI Analog Card
  6. Sangoma A41101 22FXS 2FXO PCI Analog Card
  7. Sangoma A40703 14FXS 6FXO PCI Analog Card
  8. Sangoma A40702 14FXS 4FXO PCI Analog Card
  9. Sangoma A40701 14FXS 2FXO PCI Analog Card
  10. Sangoma A40606 12FXS 12FXO PCI Analog Card
  11. Sangoma A40605 12FXS 10FXO PCI Analog Card
  12. Sangoma A40604 12FXS 8FXO PCI Analog Card
  13. Sangoma A40603 12FXS 6FXO PCI Analog Card
  14. Sangoma A40602 12FXS 4FXO PCI Analog Card
  15. Sangoma A40601 12FXS 2FXO PCI Analog Card
  16. Sangoma A40704 14FXS 8FXO PCI Analog Card
  17. Sangoma A40705 14FXS 10FXO PCI Analog Card
  18. Sangoma A41002 20FXS 4FXO PCI Analog Card
  19. Sangoma A41001 20FXS 2FXO PCI Analog Card
  20. Sangoma A40903 18FXS 6FXO PCI Analog Card
Set Descending Direction