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Sangoma A500 ISDN BRI Cards

For many SMB’s and SOHO businesses across Europe, BRI telephone lines are still the primary method of accessing the PSTN.  For over a decade, Sangoma has been providing the highest quality BRI Interface boards for connecting Asterisk ®, FreeSWITCH® and many proprietary phone systems to the PSTN.

Sangoma BRI Interface boards are also an outstanding choice for building proto-type and proof-of-concept systems.  The same drivers and API’s that are used for building a system that supports two telephony calls are used for systems that can support thousands of calls.  There will never be a need to recreate or recode applications as the need for capacity increases.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Sangoma A510 20 port BRI card
  2. Sangoma A509D 18 port BRI with 128ms HW EC
  3. Sangoma A510E 20 port BRI PCI Express
  4. Sangoma A509DE 18 port BRI PCI Express with 128ms HW EC
Set Descending Direction