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Sangoma Analog Telephony

For over a decade, Sangoma has been providing the highest quality Analog Telephony Interface boards for connecting Asterisk ®, FreeSWITCH® and many proprietary phone systems to the PSTN.

Sangoma Analog Telephony Interface boards are also an outstanding choice for building proto-type and proof-of-concept systems.  The same drivers and API’s that are used for building a system that supports two telephony calls are used for systems that can support thousands of calls.  There will never be a need to recreate or recode applications as the need for capacity increases.

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  1. Sangoma A200 PCI Card Configurator
  2. Sangoma A400 PCI Card Configurator
  3. Sangoma A40109 2FXS 18FXO PCI Analog Card
  4. Sangoma A40108 2FXS 16FXO PCI Analog Card
  5. Sangoma A40107 2FXS 14FXO PCI Analog Card
  6. Sangoma A40106 2FXS 12FXO PCI Analog Card
  7. Sangoma A40105 2FXS 10FXO PCI Analog Card
  8. Sangoma A40104 2FXS 8FXO PCI Analog Card
  9. Sangoma A40103 2FXS 6FXO PCI Analog Card
  10. Sangoma A40102 2FXS 4FXO PCI Analog Card
  11. Sangoma A40101 2FXS 2FXO PCI Analog Card
  12. Sangoma A40110 2FXS 20FXO PCI Analog Card
  13. Sangoma A40111 2FXS 22FXO PCI Analog Card
  14. Sangoma A40201 4FXS 2FXO PCI Analog Card
  15. Sangoma A40210 4FXS 20FXO PCI Analog Card
  16. Sangoma A40209 4FXS 18FXO PCI Analog Card
  17. Sangoma A40208 4FXS 16FXO PCI Analog Card
  18. Sangoma A40207 4FXS 14FXO PCI Analog Card
  19. Sangoma A40206 4FXS 12FXO PCI Analog Card
  20. Sangoma A40205 4FXS 10FXO PCI Analog Card
Set Descending Direction