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Sangoma USBfxo B-Series

Sangoma’s USBfxo is a low-cost development tool kit, ideal for those just getting started with Asterisk® or those who just want a simple external solution.

The USBfxo is easy to install. There is no need to open up the computer to insert an interface card. Simply plug it in, and set up your Asterisk system; configure Sangoma’s Wanpipe® drivers, as you would with any Sangoma card, and you’re set to go. You can even connect multiple USBfxos in one system.  The USBfxo fully supports Asterisk on Linux systems and includes Zaptel/DAHDI drivers.

  •      • Dual FXO ports
  •      • Easy installation, no need to open up computer to installPCI/PCIe card
  •      • Supports up to 2 simultaneous calls
  •      • Compact plastic enclosure
  •      • Low power consumption, takes power from USB bus
  •      • USB 2.0 compliant (compatible with USB 1.1)

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