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Sangoma Cables

Sangoma cables for telephony cards.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Sangoma CABL-601 For legacy 502 and 503 cards
  2. Sangoma CABL-631 For a A400 Analog Cards
  3. Sangoma CABL-632 Dual DB25 to Amphenol cable for the A400
  4. Sangoma CABL-633 Fax Synch Cable
  5. Sangoma CABL-633A Dual Synch Cable
  6. Sangoma CABL-634 For the A500 BRI
  7. Sangoma CABL-635 Power Adapter for FXS
  8. Sangoma CABL-636 Standard cable for A142R
  9. Sangoma CABL-637 Standard cable for A142V
  10. Sangoma CABL-638 Standard cable for A144R
  11. Sangoma CABL-639 Standard cable for A144V
  12. Sangoma CABL-640 SATA-Molex Power Adapter
  13. Sangoma CABL-641 For the USBfxo
  14. Sangoma CABL-642 For the USBfxo
  15. Sangoma CABL-643 FXO Cable for the B600
  16. Sangoma CABL-644 FXS Cable for the B600
  17. Sangoma CABL-630 T1/E1 Split Cable for the A108
  18. Sangoma CABL-629 A200 Analog Cable
  19. Sangoma CABL-628 For the S5142 (discontinued).
  20. Sangoma CABL-602 For connecting Sangoma cards to 3rd party DTEs
Set Descending Direction
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