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Phone Systems

Digium Cisco Replacement Promotion

Get great deals and selections on phone systems (proprietary, SIP VoIP, digital, analog) for your business or home office needs.  Popular brands include 3CX, Aastra, Avaya, Cisco, Digium Switchvox, Epygi Quadro, FortiVoice (TalkSwitch), NEC, Nortel, Snom, XBlue, Xorcom and more!

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  1. Cisco Small Business Unified Comm 32 0 W 4fxo   Eol
  2. Cisco CP-7906G IP Phone - Global Spare
  3. Cisco CP-7911G IP Phone - Global Spare
  4. Cisco CP-7912G IP Phone - Global Spare
  5. Cisco CP-7914 Key Expansion Module
  6. Cisco CP-7915 Key Expansion Module
  7. Cisco CP-7916 Color Key Expansion Module
  8. Cisco CP-7920 Wireless IP Phone

    Cisco CP-7920 Wireless IP Phone

    Starting at: $79.00

    Battery and charger not included with refurbished version.

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  9. Cisco CP-7921G Wireless IP Phone
  10. Cisco CP-7925G Unified Wireless IP Phone
  11. Cisco CP-7925G Power Supply NA
  12. Cisco CP-7931G IP Phone - Global Spare
  13. Cisco CP-7936 Unified IP Conference Station - Global Spare
  14. Cisco CP-7937-MIC-KIT External Microphones for Cisco 7937 - Pack of Two
  15. Cisco CP-7937G Unified IP Conference Station - Global Spare
  16. Cisco CP-7940G IP Phone - Global Spare
  17. Cisco CP-7941G IP Phone - Global Spare
  18. Cisco CP-7941G-GE IP Phone - Global Spare
  19. Cisco CP-7942G IP Phone - Global Spare
  20. Cisco CP-7945G IP Phone - Global Spare
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