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Avaya Phone Systems

Get your Avaya phone systems including IP Office, Partner, Merlin Magix and One-X Quick Edition from The Telecom Spot and rest assured you're getting the best service, products, prices and expertise.

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  1. Avaya 1692 / 4690 IP External Microphones
  2. Definity TN750C Announcement Circuit Pack - Refurbished
  3. Definity TN754B 4-Wire DCP Digital Line Circuit Pack - Refurbished
  4. Definity TN747B 8-Port Central Office Trunk Circuit Card - Refurbished
  5. Definity TN746B 16-Port Analog Circuit Pack - Refurbished
  6. Definity TN2501AP Voice Announcements over LAN (VAL) - Refurbished
  7. Definity TN2302AP (HV20) IP Media Processor - Refurbished
  8. Definity TN2302AP (HV3) IP Media Processor - Refurbished
  9. Definity TN2181 16-Port Digital Circuit pack - Refurbished
  10. Definity TN2224 24-Port Digital Circuit Pack
  11. Avaya 2490 Conference Phone
  12. Definity 302C Attendant Display Console
  13. CallMaster/302C Cradle Kit
  14. Avaya 2490 Conference Phone - Like New
  15. Avaya 1692 IP Speakerphone (POE)

    Avaya 1692 IP Speakerphone (POE)

    Starting at: $799.00

    Note:  Approximately 1 day lead time for shipping out refurbished.

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  16. CallMaster/302D Cradle Kit
  17. Definity 26C1 Selector Console
  18. Definity 302D Attendant Display Console, Black
  19. Avaya 1692 IP Speakerphone Universal Power Supply
  20. Definity TN771DP Maintenance Test Card
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