IP Office - Basic Edition (Partner)

IP Office Basic Edition Overview (IP Office Version 8.0+)

Basic Edition is specifically designed to address the "sub-20" markets.  Features include:

  •    -Server-free operations:  Voicemail embedded in unit.  Eliminates the need for external servers.
  •    -"Set it and forget it":  System requires virtually no hands-on support.
  •    -Out of the box operations:  Automatically starts up a basic phone system mode.  No programming required.
  •    -Easy system management:  System can be programmed using Telephone User Interface (TUI) commands, or the Simplified Manager GUI software for more detailed administration.
  •    -Quick mode:  Easily change to "standard mode" in IP Office Manager.  Permanently restarts in "standard mode" after system reboot.
  •    -Remote Administration:  All the system to be remotely administered via built-in dial-up modem or LAN/WAN connection.
  •    -Investment protection:  Users can start with Quick Mode of operation and switch to Essential Edition Standard Mode later without replacing hardware or licenses.


Basic Edition supports the following capacities (may not be attained simultaneously):

100 Phones: 

  •    -Up to 100 digital phones (if using only Nortel T or M series) or up to 98 digital phones (any combination of 1400, 9500, Nortel T and Nortel M series) supported on DS8, TCM8, DS16/16A and DS30/30A modules.  
  •    -Up to 100 analog phones
  •    -Up to 18 Partner ETR phones (North American only.  Additional non-ETR phones can be added to total of 100)

64 Trunks:

  •    -Up to 32 analog CO lines
  •    -1 PRI/E1 (30 lines. EMEA/MENA only)
  •    -1 PRI/T1 (24 lines, North America only)
  •    -Up to 12 BRI channels
  •    -Up to 20 SIP lines

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