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Cisco 6900 Series IP Phones

Get new and refurbished Cisco 6900 series Unified SIP phone and phone parts with The Telecom Spot, and rest assured you're getting the best service, products and expertise!  The Cisco 6900 series offer enhanced voice communications at a cost-effective price for businesses.

Cisco 6900 Series Features:

  •     • Cost-effective option for business owners who want to take advantage of Cisco Unified Communications
  •     • Support for video communications on select models, with Cisco Unified Video Advantage and the Video Advantage VT III Camera
  •     • High-definition voice (HD voice) support, making it easier to distinguish accents and speaking nuances

Set Descending Direction
  1. Cisco UC IP Phone 6901 - Charcoal Standard Handset
  2. Cisco UC IP Phone 6901 - White Standard Handset
  3. Cisco UC IP Phone 6911 - Charcoal Standard Handset
  4. Cisco UC IP Phone 6911 - White, Standard Handset
  5. Cisco UC IP Phone 6921 - Charcoal Standard Handset
  6. Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921, White, Standard Handset
  7. Cisco Cisco Uc Phone 6941, Charcoal, Standard Handset
  8. Cisco Unified IP Phone 6941, White, Standard Handset
  9. Cisco UC IP Phone 6961, Charcoal Standard Handset
  10. Cisco Unified IP Phone 6961, White, Standard Handset
  11. Generic CP-PWR-CUBE-3 Power Supply
  12. Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE-3 Power Supply
  13. North American AC Power Cord
Set Descending Direction
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