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NEC Phone Systems

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  1. DSX-40 8-Port Digital Station (8ESIU) Card
  2. DSX-40 4 Port (4COIU) Line PCB with Caller ID
  3. NEC DSX-80/160 8 Port CO Line (8COIU) Card with Caller ID
  4. NEC DSX-80/160 16 Port CO Line (16COIU) Card with Caller ID
  5. NEC DSX-80/160 T1/E1/PRI Line Card
  6. NEC DSX-80/160 8 Port Analog Station (8SLIU) Card w/MW
  7. NEC DSX-80/160 16 Port Analog Station (16SLIU) Card w/MW
  8. NEC DSX-80/160 16 Port Digital Station (16ESIU) Card
  9. NEC SL1100 4 Ports/40 Hours Voice Mail
  10. NEC SL1100 2 Ports/15 Hours Voice Mail

    NEC SL1100 2 Ports/15 Hours Voice Mail


    InMail provides automated attendant and voice mail functions. Expandable to a maximum of (16) InMail ports with optional 2-port licenses. Provides (84) Subscriber Mailboxes, (16) Routing Mailboxes, and (16) Group Mailboxes. AMIS Networking is not available.

    Installs in the Voice Mail Daughter Board, which is part of the Main KSU. Both InMail CompactFlash units also provide storage for VRS (Voice Response System) system messages (up to 100), which can be used as General Messages or a Preamble for the receptionist. Maximum duration per message is 2 minutes.

    ■ (2) voice mail ports
    ■ Approximately (15) hours of storage

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  11. NEC DSX IntraMail / IntraMail Pro 4-Port Expansion License
  12. NEC DSX IntraMail / IntraMail Pro 2-Port Expansion License
  13. NEC DSX IntraMail Pro Upgrade License
  14. NEC DSX IntraMail 2 ports, 8 hours
  15. NEC DSX IntraMail PRO 8 ports, 32 hours
  16. NEC DSX IntraMail PRO 4 ports, 16 hours
  17. NEC DSX IntraMail 4 ports, 8 hours
  18. NEC DSX IntraMail 8 ports, 16 hours
  19. NEC SL1100 Wall Mount for SL1100 IP Phones
  20. NEC SL1100 24 Button IP Telephone (Black)
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