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NEC DSX Series

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NEC designed the DSX hybrid key system from the ground up with affordability in mind. High-density circuitry maximizes economy per port. Native support for T1 and ISDN PRI provides maximum connectivity for a low initial investment. The DSX system offers high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design a system that meets your company's specific telecommunication requirements.

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NEC DSX Interactive Telephone Tutorial

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  1. NEC DSX-80 Common Equipment Kit
  2. NEC 1091027 DSX40 Kit with 2-Pt IntraMail and (3) 34-Button White Phones
  3. NEC DSX-40 Kit with 2-Port Intramail and (3) DSX 34-Button Phones
  4. NEC DSX-80 Package with (4) DSX 22 Button Phones
  5. NEC DSX-40 Package with (8) DSX 22 Button Phones and Voicemail
  6. NEC DSX-80 Package with (6) DSX Phones and Voicemail
  7. NEC DSX-80 Package with 10 Phones and IntraMail Pro
  8. NEC DSX-40 Kit (4x8x2) with (3) DSX 22-Button Phones
  9. NEC DSX-40 (4x8x2) KSU
  10. NEC DSX-80/160 CPU Card
  11. NEC DSX-80/160 Power Supply
  12. NEC DSX-160 8-Slot KSU
  13. NEC DSX-80 4-Slot KSU
  14. NEC DSX-40 8-Port Analog Station (8SLIU) Card
  15. DSX-40 8-Port Digital Station (8ESIU) Card
  16. DSX-40 4 Port (4COIU) Line PCB with Caller ID
  17. NEC DSX-80/160 8 Port CO Line (8COIU) Card with Caller ID
  18. NEC DSX-80/160 16 Port CO Line (16COIU) Card with Caller ID
  19. NEC DSX-80/160 T1/E1/PRI Line Card
  20. NEC DSX-80/160 8 Port Analog Station (8SLIU) Card w/MW
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