Norstar Systems

Norstar Integrated Communications Systems offer a portfolio of telephone/key systems, with solutions for small-to-medium businesses and branch offices. Every Norstar Integrated Communications System (ICS) is a fully digital platform and is capable of bringing all of your communications together to your desktop - including fax, e-mail, computer, and telephone.

The Nortel Norstar portfolio includes these 3 systems:
Compact 3x8: Basic communications platform which is expandable up to three lines and eight stations

Compact ICS: Scalable communications platform. Able to grow to 8 lines by 24 stations. Supports ISDN BRI, voicemail and ACD.

Modular ICS:Robust platform provides more power, more growth capacity (200+ ports) and more advanced applications than the Compact system. Supports ISDN BRI and PRI, T1 and mobility.

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