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Digium IP Phones

digium preferred dmr

Digium IP phones are the only phones design specifically for Asterisk and Switchvox.  Get the best value for your digium phone with simple provisioning with Asterisk or AsteriskNOW, tightest integration with Asterisk, built-in & custom applications, clear HDVoice, advanced features and more!

Digium currently offers 3 levels of phones from entry level to executive level, so you rest assured you're getting the best cost effective solution that's exclusively designed to leverage your Asterisk and Switchvox phone systems:

  •      • Digium D40 - Entry level phone with 2-line SIP, HD voice, backlit display and more. 
  •      • Digium D50 - Mid level phone with 4-line SIP, HD voice, backlit display, 10 rapid-dial buttons, busy lamp field indicators and more. 
  •      • Digium D70 - Executive level phone with 6-line SIP, HD voice, Backlit display, 10 digital rapid dial buttons with real-time status, busy lamp field indicators for 100 contacts and more.

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