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Switchvox Hardware Warranties

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Extend your Switchvox hardware warranty to 3 or 5 years on the coverage and replacement of your Switchvox appliance outside of the standard 1-year warranty provided.

Note:  If your Switchvox subscription has already expired, but your extended hardware warranty is still active, Switchvox Tech Support can still help you with hardware-specific questions.  If Switchvox Tech Support determines the issue is not hardware-related, then they may still require a renewal of Switchvox Subscription before they can provide any softare-related assistance.

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  1. Digium Switchvox AA65 5-Year Extended Warranty
  2. Digium Switchvox 80 Extended 3 Years Warranty
  3. Digium Switchvox 80 Extended 5 Years Warranty
  4. Digium Switchvox AA305 5-Year Extended Warranty
  5. Digium Switchvox 310 Extended 3 Years Warranty
  6. Digium Switchvox 310 Extended 5 Years Warranty
  7. Digium Switchvox AA355 5-Year Extended Warranty
  8. Digium Switchvox 360 Extended 3 Years Warranty
  9. Digium Switchvox 360 Extended 5 Years Warranty
  10. Digium Switchvox 380 Extended 3 Years Warranty
  11. Digium Switchvox 380 Extended 5 Years Warranty
  12. Digium Switchvox 450 Extended 3 Years Warranty
  13. Digium Switchvox 450 Extended 5 Years Warranty
  14. Digium Switchvox 470 Extended 3 Years Warranty
  15. Digium Switchvox 470 Extended 5 Years Warranty
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