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XBlue Phone Systems

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Get XBlue X16 digital and X-50 VoIP telephone systems, phone system bundles and accessories with The Telecom Spot for the best service, quality products and expertise.  XBlue provides great digital and VoIP communication system solutions for small businesses with up to 24 employees.

  •      • X16 Digital Phone System:  Uses traditional phone lines.  Great starter system with quick simple installations and great low price.
  •      • X-50 VoIP Phone System / wireless router:  Uses either traditional or VoIP phone lines.  Includes complete wireless installation option for quick simple setup.  Off-site system telephones for seamless home office or remote worker.  Has optional 24 button modular telephone sidecar.

Set Descending Direction
  1. XBlue Networks X44 Bundle (Phone plus WiFi Adapter)
  2. XBlue Networks X16 4-bundle Red Mahogany
  3. XBlue Networks X16 4 bundle Titanium
  4. XBlue Networks X16 8-bundle Charcoal
  5. XBlue Networks X16 8-bundle Vivid Blue
  6. XBlue Networks X16 8-bundle Titanium
  7. XBlue Networks X16 8 bundle Red Mahogany
  8. XBlue Networks XBlue X16 KSU Communications Server
  9. XBlue Networks TS-107  5 Port Connector
  10. XBlue Networks 4 Port Connector
  11. XBlue Networks XBlue 2 Port CO Module
  12. XBlue Networks XBlue Speakerphone - Vivid Blue
  13. XBlue Networks XBlue Speakerphone - Charcoal
  14. XBlue Networks XBlue Speakerphone - Titanium
  15. XBlue Networks X-50 Bundle-3 Phones
  16. XBlue Networks X-50 Bundle-7 Phones
  17. XBlue Networks X-2020 IP Telephone
  18. XBlue Networks X-50 Server/Router
  19. XBlue Networks Telephone console
  20. XBlue Networks 8 Port Network Switch
Set Descending Direction