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Other Telephones

Get all your analog and other specialized phones with The Telecom Spot for the best service, quality products and expertise.  Specialized products including Centrex phones, door/emergency/elevator phones, hospitality phones, Skype phones, special needs phones, wireless phones and infrastructures and more.

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  1. Engenius - SN-ULTRA-DAN - Digital Adapter for Nortel PBX
  2. Engenius - PREMISECELL-1-800 - Wireless Relay System 800Mhz 20 - 35,000 SQ FT
  3. Engenius - RSN-920-UL-ACB - SN-920 AC Adapter Only -Base
  4. Engenius - RSN-920-UL-ACC - SN-920 AC Adapter for Charger
  5. Engenius - SN-ULTRA-CBX - Call Box w/ Enhanced Weather Protection
  6. Engenius - EP-436-HSA2 - EP-436 Antenna Handset Short Fixed
  7. Engenius - SN-920-ULTRA-MC - SN-920 Music On Hold Audio Cable
  8. Engenius - SN-ULTRA-DAS - Digital Adapter for Siemens ROLM PBX
  9. Engenius - PREMISECELL-1NX - Wireless Relay System Iden 20 - 35,000 SQ FT
  10. Engenius - SN-920-ULTRA-HSA1 - SN-920 Antenna Handset Tall Fixed
  11. Engenius - WEMEC - Wireless Enhanced Mobile Emergency Communication8HS/1BU
  12. Engenius - SN-920-ULTRA-LPK - SN-920 Lightning Protection Kit
  13. Engenius 802.11g/n Outdoor High Power 500mW Access Point/Client Bridge w/ RP SMA connector  no internal antenna  Signal Strength LED Indicator   N mode 150Mbps  PoE (24V) Injector  Waterproof Cable Accessory Kit & Pole Mount Strap Included
  14. EnGenius Desk Top Charger
  16. EnGenius Heavy Duty DuraPouch-EX
  17. Engenius DuraFon Low Profile Handset Antenna (Short)
  18. Engenius 300Mbps Wireless N Router with Detachable Antenna & 4-Port 10/100 Switch. 802.11b/g/n
  19. Engenius EnGenius-Luxul Indoor High Performance Wi-Fi Kit (Directional).
  20. Engenius SN-ULTRA-LPK FUSE
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