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Hospitality Phones

Get your hospitality phones and accessories from The Telecom Spot, and rest assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise!

Set Descending Direction
  1. Telematrix Custom Faceplates (Qty 50+)
  2. Telematrix Teledex Diamond Black (00G1203)
  3. Telematrix Teledex DIAMOND DIAMOND+S-5 BUTTON Ash (00G1070-005)
  4. Telematrix Teledex Diamond L2S-10E; Ash (00G2100)
  5. Telematrix 3300IP MWB; Black
  6. Telematrix Teledex IPHONE A105s; Ash (0IGA170-002)
  7. Telematrix Multiple Handset Accessory Kit; Black
  8. Telematrix 3300MWB; Black
  9. Telematrix 3300LBY; Black
  10. Telematrix 3300MW10; Ash
  11. Telematrix 3300MWD5; Ash
  12. Telematrix Handset - Corded (Specify Model & Color)
  13. Telematrix FP - Blank Face Plate; White (Factory Inserts)
  14. Telematrix Handset Only Telematrix 1L *DECT Series * Ash (Z)
  15. Telematrix Adaptor/AC Telematrix SP550 **NO OUTLET** Black
  16. Telematrix Adaptor/AC Teledex DECT OPL/IPN Cl Ash
  17. Telematrix Adaptor Telematrix HDKIT Direct Connect Ash (L)
  18. Telematrix Teledex OPAL TRIMLINE 1 NO/MW Ash (00B1520-002)
  19. Telematrix Addft. l Face Plates with Package
  20. Telematrix Wall Mount Bracket for use w/ 3300IP Series Phones; Ash
Set Descending Direction
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