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Other Telephones

Get all your analog and other specialized phones with The Telecom Spot for the best service, quality products and expertise.  Specialized products including Centrex phones, door/emergency/elevator phones, hospitality phones, Skype phones, special needs phones, wireless phones and infrastructures and more.

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  1. Aastra M522 -Std.Single Blk(P0780103) Black
  2. Aastra M5008  Ash (A1601-0000-15-07)
  3. Aastra M5208 Black (A1602-0000-02-07)
  4. Aastra M5316 Ash (A1604-0000-15-07)
  5. Aastra M5216 Black  (A1603-0000-02-07)
  6. Aastra M5208 Ash
  7. Aastra M5316 Black
  8. Aastra M5316 Black (A1604-0000-02-07)
  9. Aastra M5216 Ash (A1603-0000-15-07)
  10. Aastra M622 Plinth  (Foot stand)
  11. Aastra M5216 Black - Refurbished
  12. Aastra M5316 Documentation Kit
  13. Aastra M522 -Std.Dual Blk (P0780203) Dual Foot Stand Black
  14. Aastra M6320 CD ROM (NA DOC NO CTI)
  15. Aastra M522 Ash
  16. Aastra M522 -Std.Single Gry(P0780193) Single Foot Stand Gray
  17. Aastra M522 -Std.Dual Gray (P0780293) Dual Foot Stand Gray
  18. Aastra M622 Charcoal
  19. Aastra M522 Black
  20. Aastra M9316 Black (A0659641)
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