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Skype Phones

Get your Skype certified or optimzed phones with The Telecom Spot for the best service, quality products and expertise.  Brands include ClearOne, Grandstream, Phoenix Audio, Polycom and more.

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  1. Polycom C100S Skype Communicator (Blue)
  2. Polycom C100S Skype Communicator (Gray)
  3. Phoenix Audio MT304 Quattro3 USB Daisy Chain Conference Speakerphone
  4. Phoenix Audio MT303 Quattro3 USB+Smart Conference Speakerphone
  5. Phoenix Audio MT302 Quattro3 USB+PSTN Conference Speakerphone
  6. Phoenix Audio MT301 Quattro3 USB Conference Speakerphone
  7. Phoenix Audio MT305 Quattro3 USB+VoIP Conference Speakerphone
  8. Phoenix Audio MT101 Soho Conference Card
  9. Phoenix Audio MT201 SOLO Conference Microphone
  10. ClearOne CHAT 160 - Skype
  11. ClearOne CHAT 60-U - Skype
  12. Grandstream GXV3140 IP Multimedia Phone
  13. ClearOne CHATAttach 160 - Skype
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