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Special Needs

Get your special needs phones, TTY/TDD/VCO and accessories from The Telecom Spot, and rest assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise!

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  1. Serene Innovations High definition amplified CID phone
  2. Serene Innovations High definition talking CID cordless
  3. Serene Innovations HD jumbo talking keys w/ answering
  4. Serene Innovations High definition amplified phone
  5. Serene Innovations High definition amplified jumbo-key phon
  6. CLEAR SOUNDS 55dB Amplified Freedom Phone w/ ITAD
  7. Fans-Tel Amplified Business Speakerphone
  8. Fans-Tel 2 Line Amplified Speakerphone
  9. Serene Innovations SI-CL-60 with amplified slow play answer
  10. Logicmark 30911 Guardian Alert Panic Phone
  11. Logicmark 35915 Freedom Alert Pendant
  12. Panasonic Consumer Cuffless Upper Arm BloodPressure Monitor
  13. Clarity AL10 AlertMaster with Door Knocker
  14. Clarity AL10 AlertMaster
  15. Clarity 76566 Voice Carry Over Phone - White
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