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Proprietary System Phones

Get your proprietary business telephones from The Telecom Spot's broad lines of manufacturers available and be assured you're getting the best service, product and expertise. Top branded phones including ones from Avaya, Aksys, Cisco, NEC, Nortel, TalkSwitch / Fortinet, XBlue, MS Lync optimized phones and more!

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  1. Nortel Meridian M22 Key Expansion Module Single Footstand
  2. NEC SL1100 Wall Mount for SL1100 IP Phones
  3. Avaya 4400, 4600, 6200, 6400, EURO S1 Series Handsets
  4. Avaya Partner Series 12' Handset Cord
  5. Avaya Partner Series 25' Handset Cord
  6. Partner 6B Series 1 DESI Strips
  7. Cisco Power Supply For Cisco   Voip Products - 5v/2a (na)
  8. North American AC Power Cord
  9. Avaya 2400, 4600, 5400, 5600, EURO S2 Series Handsets
  10. Partner 6D Series 2 DESI Strips
  11. Avaya 1600 Series Power Adapter
  12. Partner MLS Handset
  13. 3rd Party i2001/i2002/i2004 Power Supply - 16V
  14. Nortel T7100 Base Stand
  15. Nortel T7208 Base Stand
  16. Nortel T7316, T7316e Base Stand
  17. Nortel Meridian Series 25' Handset Cord
  18. Nortel Meridian Series 12' Handset Cord
  19. Nortel T7000, I2000, M3000 Series Handsets
  20. Nortel M2000, M5000, M7000, M8000, M9000 Series Handsets
Set Descending Direction