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Aastra SIP DECT/WiFi Wireless Phones

Aastra 600d family of mobile SIP-DECT wireless phones, versatile communications and efficient cooperation have now become child’s play.

  •      • The excellent sound quality makes stress-free and relaxed working possible, particularly in hand-free mode.
  •      • Five different application profiles allow the phones to be adapted to any given work situation, e. g. using headset or conference mode.
  •      • Perfectly geared to the Aastra mobility solutions, giving you reliable access to the many possibilities provided by the telephone system wherever you are within the company.

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  1. Aastra 632d DECT Business Phone Handset
  2. Aastra SIP DECT Lite 622d Bundle
  3. Aastra 612d DECT Handset with Charger and AC Adapter
  4. Aastra 622d DECT Handset
  5. Aastra OMM System CD 4.0 (Authorized License)
  6. Aastra OM Messaging License 10 (for sending messages)   SIP-Dect Messaging License for up to 10 Handsets (sending messages)
  7. Aastra 620d set

    Aastra 620d set

    $271.99 Click for price
    Discontinued - Limited inventory remaining. Learn More
  8. Aastra RFP L35 IP IP Dect Base Station

    Aastra RFP L35 IP IP Dect Base Station

    $594.99 Click for price
  9. Aastra Power Supply for RFP(L)35/(L)43 IP
  10. Aastra OM System License 100   SIP-Dect License for up to 100 RFPft. s
  11. Aastra OM System License 50   SIP-Dect License for up to 50 RFPft. s
  12. Aastra OM System License 20   SIP-Dect License for up to 20 RFPft. s
  13. Aastra OM G.729 License 5 - SIP-DECT G.729 for 5 Concurrent Calls
  14. Aastra OM G.729 License 10 - SIP-DECT G.729 for 10 Concurrent Calls
  15. Aastra OM G.729 License 20 - SIP-DECT G.729 for 20 Concurrent Calls
  16. Aastra OM G.729 License 50 - SIP-DECT G.729 for 50 Concurrent Calls
  17. Aastra OM G.729 License Mini - SIP-DECT License for Systems with 1-2 Standard (non-L) RFP
  18. Aastra OM System License 250   SIP-Dect License for up to 250 RFPft. s
  19. Aastra OM System License 500   SIP-Dect License for up to 500 RFPft. s
  20. Aastra OM System License 1000   SIP-Dect License for up to 1000 RFPft. s
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