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Grandstream IP Phones

Grandstream GXP IP phone series offers rich telephony features, high audio quality, multi-line indicators, integrated POE, superior hands-free speakerphone and broad interoperability.  The GXP series is the next-gen feature-rich enterprise SIP phones ideal for the small to medium sized business and enterprise.

Grandstream Networks, Inc. is an award-winning designer and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of next generation IP voice & video products for broadband networks. Grandstream’s products deliver superb sound and picture quality, rich telephony features, full compliance with industry standards, and broad interoperability with most service providers and 3rd party SIP based VoIP products. Grandstream is consistently recognized in the VoIP industry for their innovation, affordability and superior value in their products.

See a comparison of the GXP series IP phones here.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Grandstream DP710 VoIP DECT Phone - Handset and Charger Unit
  2. Grandstream DP715 VoIP DECT Phone - Handset and Base Station
  3. Grandstream GXP1100 IP Telephone
  4. Grandstream GXP1160 1-Line Small Business IP Phone (no PoE)
  5. /
  6. Grandstream GXP1400 IP Telephone
  7. Grandstream GXP1405 IP Telephone
  8. Grandstream GXP1450 IP Telephone
  9. Grandstream GXP2130 Enterprise HD IP Phone
  10. Grandstream GXV3240 Video IP Phone for Androidâ„¢
  11. Grandstream GXV3275 IP Multimedia Phone for Android
  12. Grandstream GXP2000EXT Expansion Module
  13. Grandstream GXP2020EXT Expansion Module
Set Descending Direction
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